CTM originated from the technology R&D and operation team of the comprehensive tourism wholesale platform under the Century Holiday International Travel Group. In 2018, Shenzhen Capital Travel Information Technology Co., Ltd. was established to independently operate and reorganize the Group's capital. We are newly promoted and positioned to focus on providing online wholesale distribution technology for travel agencies. Service Internet E-commerce entrepreneurial technology service company.

Our R&D team has years of mature experience in online distribution and resource management technology development, API/XML system interfacing services, and customer experience optimization.

We are committed to operating a truly new integrated distribution and wholesale platform for international tourism in the travel agency industry. We provide Internet product service and e-commerce technology service solutions for domestic and overseas resource product suppliers and distributors of travel agencies.

Provide closed-loop technical service ecosystems for product supply chain and channel marketing, open data exchange processing technology channels, and integrate full-intelligent advanced technology composite processing functions to achieve a truly integrated and optimized product resource supply link to distribution channels, including the provision of global hotels, Free travel on vacation, tour together with group tours, city transfers for destination resource products, city tours, tickets, visas, air tickets, etc.

We provide accurate and efficient, user-friendly and user-friendly operation experience for our distinguished colleagues in the same industry. We have access to the world's resources and let us change to meet your product needs!

Our mission is to provide high quality services at competitive prices for both novice and seasoned world travel agents with the 4P Services Standard (Professional, Private, Personalized and Prompt)

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